Episode 31: Noonerz Has The Jubba Blues

Noonerz has the moops about the cycle which spurs an impromptu comparison of force cycles.

Thirty-first Episode
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Episode 27: Worlds 2015 Wrap Up

Joins us for a fireside chat about Noonerz and Scumspert’s trip to the Motherland. That covers about the entire episode, but WAIT there’s more. At the very end you will find exclusive Worlds interview with… GreedoShotFirst, Zach Bunn, davflamerock, hida77, SkatePharmacy, Tom Melucci, fullyops, and Leopold Hess.

Twenty-Seventh Episode
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Episode 25: SPF 50 Required

This week we cover a deluge of topics. We have your post GenCon 2015 report with our field reporter and special guest, America. Join us as together, he goes over his 2015 national’s tournament run, his forum tactics, and his twitter shenanigans.

Stick tuned as we do our very first LIVE AD READ; You’ll be surprised at who its for….trust us.

As always, our show is NSFW and not for small children or grandmas– Keep those two groups hidden and out of sight for the next hour. Find us at http://twitter.com/rumorsatcantina and our guest at http://twitter.com/swlcg.

Twenty-Fifth Episode
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Episode 24: Gotta Use Them Promos

Lethal, Noonerz, and the Scumspert are joined by a live studio audience in this episode as they sit down with Dallas’ own, GreedoShotFirst! The four discuss the recent Tulsa regional at The Covenant Store, discuss Gencon predictions, and talk about recent spoilers for Imperial Entanglements. Join us as we laugh, cry, and talk smack to our lovable drunk, Noonerz!

Special thanks to GreedoShotFirst

Twenty-Fourth Episode
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